My Favorite Internet - Instructions

Each week students will be expected to submit 2 - 3 examples of interactive media. The post should include at least one image, a link, and a paragraph about what you found. Critique a specific interaction or the design as a whole. Be specific. It may be helpful to choose a specific theme, then compare and contrast 2-3 examples.

Interactive media can include websites, apps, or anything you find out in the wild. New York has many examples popping up all the time in the form of interactive window displays, signage, etc.

If you are struggling with what to write, try to answer these questions:

  • Was this easy to use?
  • What makes this interactive?
  • What features do I notice first?
  • Did my interaction change after a few minutes/hours/days/weeks?
  • What do I like about the design? (color, fonts, imagery, style, text)
  • What doesn’t work in this design? (color, fonts, imagery, style, text)
See an example post ➜